Why choose Janoshik Analytical?

Hundreds of our happy and returning customers know why.

A full refund and free results guarantee is available for all analyses not completed before the agreed deadline.

Our customer support and automated update system is the best in the business. You will never be left in the dark on any aspect of your order, sample testing, or results.

Our professional operators have years of experience in the field of analytical chemistry, hundreds of hours of experience with UHPLC, and perform dozens of analyses daily.

About Us

Inside our business and what makes our reliability second to none:


We use Shimadzu UHPLC awarded in 2015 with Good Design Award. Backed by Shimadzu Prominence HPLC system, these are the reliable workhorses of our business. Redundancy of vital instrumentation removes any unexpected delays associated with maintenance and repairs.


The little things matter as well! Instruments worth millions are useless when day-to-day equipment is sub-par. That's why here at Janoshik Analytical we make sure that all of the equipment is of the absolute highest quality and perfectly suited for the task at hand.


We use only the highest quality chemicals and reagents which are acquired from manufacturers such as J.T. Baker, Merck (Sigma Aldrich) and Alfa Aesar. Fully traceable chemicals with certificates of analysis are necessary in tasks as demanding as determining purity. Our standards are obtained from institutes and companies such as the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Steraloids.


Our methodology is designed with your needs in mind - whether the sample tested is a raw chemical or a pharmaceutical preparation. We ensure that the methods used for routine analyses are validated and adhere to the strict standards of GLP, European Pharmacopoeia, and ISO certifications ISO 17025:2005/ISO 9001.